Wednesday, March 26, 2008

White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies

White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies

Move over, pecans: I have a new nut love. And it’s called macadamias.

Macadamias on ice cream? So good. Paired with white chocolate in a cookie? Heavenly.

I got the recipe from Lynn’s blog – don’t forget to check her cookies and while you’re at it read how funny her baking session was that day.

My baking session was pretty good, too – I got loads of cookies, which I sent to Joao’s coworkers.

White chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies

2 ¼ cups (315g) all-purpose flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup (175g) packed light brown sugar
½ cup (120g) granulated sugar
1 ½ sticks (170g) unsalted butter, softened + extra pinch of salt
2 large eggs
2 teaspoon vanilla extract
112g (4oz) macadamia nuts, lightly toasted and chopped (about 1 cup)
224g (8oz) good white chocolate bar, coarsely chopped (about 1 ½ cups)

Preheat oven to 150ºC/300ºF; line two baking sheets with baking paper.

Into a medium bowl sift together the flour, soda, and salt. Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl beat together butter and sugars. Scrape down the sides of the bowl as it forms a grainy paste. Add eggs and vanilla, and beat at medium speed until light and fluffy.

Add the flour mixture, macadamia nuts, and white chocolate, and blend at low speed until just combined. Do not overmix.

Drop by rounded tablespoons onto prepared baking sheets, leaving 2 inches (5cm) between dough mounds. Bake for 20 to 22 minute - take out when the cookie edges just begin to turn golden brown. Use a wide metal spatula to transfer cookies immediately to a cool, flat surface (like a clean countertop); this keeps the cookies moist on the underside - I slid the baking paper to the countertop and left it there till the cookies were cool.

Makes about 3 dozen


Anonymous said...

These used to be my favorite kind of cookie! Mmm!

Terry at Blue Kitchen said...

Okay, so maybe peanut butter isn't always my favorite cookie. These look wonderful, Patricia! A little coconut might also be nice in these.

LyB said...

Macadamia nuts are, to me, in the same league as cashews: rich, creamy and soooo good! Those cookies look delicious, like chocolate chip cookies but classier! :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, macadamias, how decadent! I love them, but rarely buy them because they're so expensive, but that only makes them more of a treat. These cookies would certainly be something special!

Brilynn said...

This is one of my favourite cookies but I hardly ever make them, yours look great!

Peter M said...

Pat, I'll have a glass of milk and YOU cookies please!

Manggy said...

A true classic! I love the Mrs. Fields version (haha, judge me all you want!), and I would make more of my own if Macadamias weren't so expensive!

pam said...

These are my most favorite kind of cookie! I never even dreamed of making them! I'll have to bookmark this and give it a try.

Anonymous said...

I usually use dark chocolate for this type of cookies, but i think it is worth trying it with white chocolate too. thanks for sharing with us!

Susan @ SGCC said...

Love those cookies! I'm crazy about anything with macadamia nuts in it. Your photo is really lovely too.

Emily said...

Oh, those look amazing. That white chocolate-macadamia combo is killer. I almost bought a white chocolate bar yesterday, and I didn't. Now I'm regretting it.

Paola Westbeek said...

Delicious Patricia! Being a white chocolate fan, I'm drooling just thinking about them!


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

They look perfect!

Anonymous said...

These looks fabulous! A classic combo that always turned out great! :)

B W said...

These look super!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Macadamias are completely addictive. The first time I went to Hawaii, I bought macadamias in all forms -- whole, in chocolate, etc. -- and when I got home, I felt so indulgent being able to put them in everything! Here they are quite expensive.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

All it took was white chocolate and ,macadamias to draw me into this post.. I can just taste them now:D

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Your cookies look wonderful! I'm so glad they turned out well for you.

Deborah said...

A perfect combination!

Sara said...

Patricia! I'm making the cinnamon/pecan cookies now. They're still in the oven but from what I ate of the batter, they are delicious! I think I may have a new favorite cookie! Thank you for posting such a fantastic recipe!

KJ said...

macadamias are australian just like me. they are perfect biscuit ingredients. i also love white chocolate, so i am sure i would love these.

Cakebrain said...

I just love white chocolate and macadamia nuts are so rich and delicious too! This is such a decadent cookie!

Chris said...

macadamia nuts? white chocolate? You can't go wrong!

kellypea said...

I've been in a cookie with nuts mood lately. These look like they would hit the spot!

Peabody said...

A classic cookie that I love and never get to have. My husband is anti-white chocolate and macadamia nuts...oh the horror!

thecoffeesnob said...

These are my second favourite cookies- first being the ever classic choc chip. They look exactly like the ones i get from Subway which i can never get enough of. Now I just have to try this one out- thanks for sharing the recipe, Pat!

Anonymous said...

White chocolate chip macadamia cookies are always a favorite in our house! These look wonderful, Patricia!

RecipeGirl said...

These are my all-time FAVORITE kind of cookie! I will definitely copy this recipe to try sometime :)

desie said...

macadamias are the best. with white chocolate, they are perfect. great cookies.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hillary, they are really good!

Terry, I like the idea of adding coconut, tks!

LyB, they are creamy, you've described them perfectly!

Hannah, they used to be impossible to find here, but now Brazil is one of the biggest producers, yay!

Bri, you definitely should, you bake so well, my dear!

Pete, a glass of milk is a good idea.

Mark, I have never tried that version, and you should bake some yourself. ;)

Pam, they are easy to put together!

Farida, thank you for your comment!

Susan, I agree that macadamias are irresistible.

Emiline, go ahead and buy that chocolate. :)

Paola, I love white chocolate, too.

Hi, there! Tks!

Dianne, thank you for stopping by!

B.W., thank you for your visit!

Lydia, I'm glad Brazil is a big producer. :)

Bellini, thank you, sweetie!

Lynn, mine are a bit darker than yours, I believe that's because of the brown sugar. Your recipes are always a hit, dear!

Deb, I agree!

Sara, I want to know everything about those cookies!
I ate loads of the dough, too... :)

KJ, I love so many Australian things. :)

Cakebrain, I'm glad you like these!

Chris, I agree!

Kelly, nuts in cookies are perfect.

Pea, mine won't eat it either. His coworkers thank him for that. :)

Hi sweetie! I do hope you give these a try!

Michelle, thank you, dear!

RecipeGirl, I think you'll love these!

May, thank you, darling.

test it comm said...

Those look so good. White chocolate and macadamia nut cookies are my all time favorite cookies!

Maggie said...

That was a lot of cookies - 3 dozen. I'm sure the co-workers were delighted with you.
They look delicious.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, macadamia! I love macadamia in my cookies and shortbreads as well, but then again, it's always a tough choice between macadamias, pistachios, and cashews. Oh how I go nuts over these nuts. :P

eatme_delicious said...

I didn't used to be a big fan of macadamia nuts but I tried roasted and salted ones again and they were really good! I recently made my mom some white chocolate chunk macadamia nut cookies but didn't realize that the macadamias really should be roasted & salted (I used raw) so they did not taste so good.

sher said...

I love these cookies. And macadamia nuts are the best. The king of nuts.

Sarah said...

These are my favorite cookies. yum, yum, yum.

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