Monday, March 23, 2009

Rose water meringue hearts

Rose water meringue hearts

Can you resist heart-shaped food? I thought so - neither can I. It’s like watching a child eating ice cream or a very sticky chocolate cupcake and NOT do anything about it. :D

The recipe comes from DH magazine #36 – the only change I made was to use rosewater instead of orange blossom water.

Rose water meringue hearts

Rose water meringue hearts
adapted from Donna Hay magazine

150ml egg whites (4-5 egg whites)
220g caster sugar
1 teaspoon white vinegar
½ teaspoon rose water

Preheat the oven to 120ºC/248ºF. Place the egg whites in the bowl of an electric mixer and beat until stiff peaks form. Gradually add the sugar, vinegar and rose water and beat until the mixture is thick and glossy – press a little of the mixture between your fingertips; when you no longer feel the sugar granules, the mixture is ready.
Place a lightly greased 6cm heart shaped cookie cutter on a baking sheet lined with non-stick baking paper (if using regular baking paper, brush it with oil).
Spoon the meringue mixture inside the cutter and smooth over the top.
Carefully remove the cutter, clean it, brush it again with oil and repeat the process.
Bake for 25 minutes or until crisp, turn the oven off and allow to cool in it for 30 minutes.

Makes 10 – I halved the recipe, used a 5cm (2in) cutter and still got 10

Rose water meringue hearts


Anonymous said...

Wow, how creative! It looks too beautiful to eat.

Snooky doodle said...

how cute!! really nice and creative. I m imagining them on a nice cake. oh so lovely!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love them! The rose water sounds interesting.

Chris said...

These turned out wonderfully! I have to get my hands on some rose water and experiment. It seems ubiquitous in Indian restaurants, but I've never seen it, even at specialty stores. I can't tell you how much I love meringue... :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love rose water! Those would make a great base for an airy mousse dessert, I bet. I'll have to try this sometime.

Simones Kitchen said...

These look lovely! Upon first glance I thought it was cheese..:) But this is much better! Great idea to put them into heart shapes!

Katie said...

Adorable and you are dead on, on the heart shaped thing.

Kirby! said...

I love the flavor of rose water, and, like you said, who can turn down heart-shaped food??? People with no heart at all, that's who!! These look too easy and yummy to pass by...

Junie Moon said...

I saw your beautiful creation on Tastespotting. I love anything involving rose water. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone.

Anonymous said...

I can't resist anything heart shaped including your gorgeous meringues Patricia! :)

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I adore heart shaped food. These are much to pretty to eat!! I love the flavor of rosewater too!

Elyse said...

You're so right: no one can resist a beautiful heart. Especially a beautiful meringue heart! These are just precious!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Oh Patricia! I love those. Hearts and Stars are my favourite shapes. I'd love to try rose water meringues too, sounds delicious.

p.s. I love watching my kids eat ice cream or sticky chocolate cake and not do anything about it. I then get the camera out. Something to make them go red with later in life. ;)

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Heart-shaped meringues? How sweet! It looks like you've been having a lot of fun playing in the kitchen.

Jennywenny said...

Very pretty. I'm on a bit of a pavlova kick, so these will be perfect strawberry pavlovas!

Sarah said...

Oh, I definitely cannot resist food in the shape of hearts. I always want them when I see them. And I always want to buy some rosewater when I see you using it in your recipes!

Sara said...

What a lovely recipe, Patricia! I love rose water so I'll have to give this one a try. I can never get stiff white peaks though...

Patricia Scarpin said...

Joy, thank you!

Natalie, tks! That is a great idea.

Kelly, thank you! The flavor here is very subtle.

Chris, I love rose water! I'm sure you will love to use it, too.

Anna, what a wonderful idea.

Simone, they are very light - tks!

Katie, I knew you would agree. :D

Kirby, I love rose water, too! And your comment made me smile. :D

Junie Moon, thank you for stopping by!

Lorraine, thank you, darling!

Lisa, thank you!

Elyse, thank you very much!

Amanda, I love stars, too! And I have to agree that kids eating are just too cute. :D

Lynn, I have, indeed!
Tks, darling!

Jennywenny, tks for stopping by!

Sarah, you bet there will be many more around here. :D

Sara, thank you, sweetie! I get the peaks easier because of my ultra powerful Kitchen Aid mixer. :D

lululu said...

haha, they looks so adorable!!! good work!

eatme_delicious said...

What adorable meringue hearts!

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