Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Babas with lime syrup

Babas with lime syrup / Babas com calda de limão

I did now know what babas were until I saw this post on Helen’s blog, a good while ago – her beautiful citrus version immediately caught my eye, but for some reason I did not try my hand at making babas until very recently.

Discovering new desserts is always a good thing, especially when they are very tender and drenched in a lovely syrup – yum! :)

The recipe comes from here – the only change I made was using limes instead of lemons – but the idea of using dariole molds came from here.

Babas with lime syrup / Babas com calda de limão

Babas with lime syrup
from Donna Hay magazine

1 ½ teaspoons active dry yeast
1 tablespoon caster sugar
¼ cup (60ml) lukewarm milk
1 cup + 1 tablespoon (150g) all purpose flour
1 egg
1/3 cup + 1 tablespoon (90g) unsalted butter, room temperature, chopped

Lime syrup*:
½ cup (100g) caster sugar
1 cup (240ml) water
1/3 cup (80ml) lime juice
shredded zest of 2 limes

To make the babas, place the yeast, sugar and milk in the bowl of an electric mixer and allow to stand until bubbles surface. Add the flour and egg to the yeast mixture. Attach a dough hook to the mixer and beat the ingredients to a sticky dough. While the motor is still running, add the butter, a few pieces at a time, and beat well for about 4 minutes – the dough hook did not work for me, it did not mix the ingredients properly, so I switched to the paddle attachment and it worked beautifully. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, place in a draft-free place and allow the dough to double in size (1-1 ½ hours).
Divide the dough into 6 pieces and place in 6 well buttered 1-cup (240ml) capacity baba molds. Cover and allow to stand until the dough almost fills the pans (30 minutes or so).
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Bake the babas for 15 minutes or until golden brown. Let stand in the pans for 5 minutes.
While the babas are baking, make the syrup: place the sugar, water, lime juice and zest in small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, then simmer for a further 3 minutes.
Spoon half of the hot syrup over the hot babas still in the pans, set aside for 2 minutes then carefully unmold. Transfer the babas to a wire rack then pour over the remaining syrup.
Serve warm.

* there was plenty of syrup left, I think that half the recipe would have been enough

Makes 6 – I used ½ cup capacity dariole pans and got 8 babas


Anonymous said...

Love your pictures! Amazing!

lululu said...

i love baba! first time i made them, it was from a recipe from anna olson. it's super simple to make, and as light/soft as air.
with lime syrup is a perfect choice for a fresh citrus kick!

Mimi said...

I haven't made babas yet, but it has long been on my to do list. These look so tasty.

Anonymous said...

This probably is a strange question but where do you get your place mats at and pretty napkins?

Kana said...

So interesting - I always come across baba au rhum :)

Deborah said...

These look delicious - I've never heard of them, but now I want some!

Abby said...

Gorgeous! Where do you find the time for all this baking?!

diva said...

really beautiful! And i love the sound of lime syrup :)

~~louise~~ said...

Oh my Patricia, babas are way out of my league. Yours look so delicately delicious. The addition of lime has my lips puckering...

Thanks for sharing...

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Thanks for introducing me to babas, Patricia. I think we're going to be good friends.

my spatula said...

my first time hearing of babas too. the lime syrup is calling my name! they look amazing.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Delightfully Sweet, tks for stopping by!

Lu, I found them very soft, indeed! I'm glad you like this citrus version - thank you!

Mimi, I hope you like them!
Thank you!

Likes to Cook, not strange at all - I bought them here in Sao Paulo, where I live. I'm glad you like them, thank you!

Maya, thank you! I haven't tried the rum version yet.

Deb, thank you! I hope you like these.

Abby, I don't even know the answer to that question, darling. ;)

Diva, thank you for visiting!

Louise, thank you! These are not hard to make, once you have a stand in mixer.

Susan, I'm sure, darling - tks!

My Spatula, thank you! Limes are such favorites of mine, too.

Pei-Lin said...

Oh! I've been meaning to try babas! Never get to due to time constraint! It's in Dorie Greenspan's book! Arrgghhh ...! Thanks for the reminder!

Yours looks so good!

Shannnon said...

Can't wait to make these!!

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