Friday, March 19, 2010

Peach, raspberry and almond crumble

Peach, raspberry and almond crumble / Crumble de pêssego, framboesa e amêndoa

I’ve read that Viggo Mortensen will be playing Sigmund Freud on David Cronenberg’s next movie – such great news. I love both gentlemen working separately, but together they’re even more wonderful.

Here’s another great pairing: peaches and raspberries. It was my first time trying them together, but certainly won’t be the last.

Peach, raspberry and almond crumble / Crumble de pêssego, framboesa e amêndoa

Peach, raspberry and almond crumble
adapted from Australian Gourmet Traveller

300g peaches (about 2)
45g frozen raspberries
1 ½ tablespoons demerara sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Almond crumble:
2/3 cup (93g) all purpose flour
¼ cup + 1 tablespoon (70g) chilled unsalted butter, cut into 1cm pieces
3 ½ tablespoons demerara sugar
1 ½ tablespoons flaked almonds

For almond crumble, preheat oven to 200°C/392°F. Combine flour and butter in a medium bowl and rub with your fingertips until fine crumbs form. Add sugar and almonds, mix to combine and set aside.

Cut peaches into wedges and combine with remaining ingredients in a large bowl. Divide among two 1 cup (240ml) capacity ovenproof baking dishes, top with almond crumble and bake until golden brown (25-30 minutes). Serve immediately with double cream or ice-cream.

Serves 2


Suelle said...

Not a perfect pairing - a triple heavenly match of almonds, peaches and raspberries!

I prefer a crumble with more texture, and often add rolled oats instead of some of the flour to achieve this, but a tip I picked up somewhere is to sprinkle a tablespoon or two of water over the crumble, and allow it to clump a bit as you mix it in.

Kate Micaela said...

This is so yummy.. Im hungry rignt now. That's so sad.

Paula said...

this looks so delicious!

Cocidodesopa said...

Wow! Crumbles, whether sweet or salty, are one of my favourites, and yours looks gorgeous!

Abby said...

Raspberries! Can't wait until it's that time around here. Looks so good and homey! Perfect for a family dinner at home.

Anne said...

Ha, go Viggo and David, and go Peaches and Raspberries! :-) Let's hope Cronenberg's new film will look as good as your crumble!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Suelle, thank you! I think you're right. :)
I'll be trying the addition of oats next time - that is a wonderful idea, tks for sharing!

Kate, thank you for stopping by!

Paula, thank you!

Yolanda, thanks! I love crumbles, too, but haven't tried the savory ones yet - great idea!

Abby, I love berries and raspberries are wonderful, indeed.
Thank you!

Anne, I completely agree with you! I'm sure the movie will be great - his latest ones took my breath away! Tks for stopping by!

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

I love new ideas for combining fruit. Great photos as usual. The shot revealing the inside really makes me want a taste.

Paula said...

I`m totally crazy about these spoons!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Xiaolu, I love new ideas for baking with fruit, too! I'm glad you like the crumble!

Paula, thank you! I bought them in London, at Cath Kidston's - the store is full of beautiful things, but too pricey, I could only buy a couple of things. :)

Maria♥ said...

I love crumbles and this combo of fruits sounds utterly amazing!

I love Cath Kidston and I always spend way too much when I visit the store. I love those spoons!


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