Friday, September 10, 2010

Grape nectar baby cakes

Grape nectar baby cakes / Bolinhos com calda de uva

I have made several recipes from this adorable little book and loved each and every one of them. Now, Julie Le Clerc strikes again – the cakes are very simple, but the grape syrup... Yum! I bet it tastes great over ice cream, too – too bad there was none left for testing. :D

Grape nectar baby cakes
from Little Cafe Cakes

¾ cup (150g) caster sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup + 1 tablespoon (127g) unsalted butter, room temperature
2 eggs
½ cup (120ml) whole milk
1 ¾ cups (245g) self rising flour, sifted

Grape nectar syrup:
1 ½ cups (360ml) grape juice
juice of 1 lime
1 cup (200g) caster sugar

Preheat the oven to 160°C/320°F. Butter and flour twelve individual cake of muffin pans or one 20cm springform cake pan*.
Cream sugar, vanilla and butter together. Beat in eggs and then milk. Gently stir in flour.
Divide the batter between prepared pans and bake for 15-20 minutes (muffin pans; if using the large pan oven time will vary) or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Cool completely on a wire rack then unmold.
Make the syrup: combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. Bring to a boil then simmer for 10-15 minutes or until thick and syrupy.
Pour hot syrup over cold cakes and serve.

* I made the recipe above and got 4 mini Bundt cakes (1 cup capacity pans) + 3 small cakes (1/3 cup capacity muffin pans)

Makes 12


Satya said...

grape nectar baby cake looks very delicious ,yummy


Priya Suresh said...

Cute looking baby cakes..irresistible..

Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets said...

So cute, Patricia! Never heard of grape nectar before or really thought of grape that much in desserts but this looks delicious.

Torviewtoronto said...

lovely presentation and recipe

Nicole@The Dirty Oven via twitter @ovenloving said...

Wow... so cute and I have never heard of grape nectar....thanks for sharing!

LimeCake said...

i'm loving this recipe because it's small-scale. perfect for my kitchen for one. :)

Lora said...

What a great idea. Love the grape nectar and your cakes look delightful!

Bakericious said...

I nvr heard of grape nectar syrup, sound interesting and looks yummy!

Abby said...

I've never seen a recipe like this! Lovely. (And I adore that lacey little pitcher, too.)

The Urban Baker said...

oh my goodness, these look like little mounds of heaven. such great favor combos! yum, may have try these!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Satya, thank you!

Priya, thank you!

Xiaolu, we use the nectar here in Brazil as a juice concentrate. I'm sure you would like it!

Torview..., thank you!

Nicole, thank you for stopping by!

LimeCake, I'm glad you like it - thank you!

Lora, thank you for stopping by!

Jess, thank you! We use grape nectar here in Brazil as a juice concentrate.

Abby, thank you, sweetie! I'm a prop freak. :D

Susan, thank you, darling! I bet you'll love this recipe!

ChichaJo said...

The grape nectar sounds yummy! I am sure it would be great with a lot of things!

Nepitella said...

I come from Flickr. Beautiful recipe!

eatme_delicious said...

The syrup soaked into and dripping off the cake looks SO good!

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