Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cherry chocolate truffles

There’s only one word good enough to describe these truffles: perfect!!!
The amounts of cream and chocolate are exact and you’ll get a firm mixture, great to be molded.

Haalo, from Cook (almost) anything at least once – stop whatever you’re doing and go check her blog now – made these truffles using poached cherries. She even teaches us how to poach cherries.
Unfortunately, I wouldn’t have time to do that so I used glacé cherries instead and even though the result was very good I’m still curious and I’ll make them with poached cherries too.
I couldn’t find the beautiful edible glitters she used to dust her truffles, so I had to improvise: I added edible golden powder (which is thinner than glitter) to cocoa powder and used it to coat my truffles – I thought they would look very Christmassy.

I liked these truffles so much that I already have other delicious filling ideas in mind, yum…

Haalo, thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe with us!

Cherry chocolate truffles

12 poached cherries, drained – I used glacé cherries

White chocolate ganache:
40g white chocolate, chopped
15ml cream

Dark chocolate ganache:
150g dark chocolate, chopped - I used semisweet Callebaut that is made in Brazil with Belgian cocoa mass
60ml cream

edible red glitter and gold glitter, for dusting

Place the chocolate and cream into a small pan and over a low heat, keep stirring until chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth and silky. Pour into a small bowl and allow to cool before storing in the fridge to harden.
For the dark ganache, proceed the same way as above.

Take small amounts of white ganache and roll into small cylinder shapes. Place this inside the cherries where you'd normally find their stones. Store in the fridge until ready to proceed to the next stage.
Take tablespoons of the dark chocolate ganache and roll between your palms to soften slightly, then flatten it out to form a circle. Encase the cherries inside this ganache circle - roll it around your palms to form an invisible seal. You may want/need to use gloves for this stage as the chocolate is quite sensitive to heat.
Place this on lined tray while you continue with the remaining cherries. Store them in the fridge to harden slightly.

Take two bowls and sprinkle some edible red glitter and edible gold glitter into each. Coat each truffle in the red before giving it a brief coating in the gold. When finished, place in the fridge until ready to serve (mine didn’t stay in the fridge).

Truffles ready to be delivered:

Makes 12 truffles


Gattina Cheung said...

oh my gooowd! I_t i_s s_o g_o_o_d!!! I love this recipe and your lovely morsels right away after the first glance! I can't resist all these temptation you made these days, I think I'm going to move closer to you Pat! So... you gave up Donna Hay's truffle cake finally... I guess...

Haalo said...

Just beautiful Patricia - a very merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful truffle's! I love the tins and packaging you used to deliver them in as well. Just lovely.

Lauren said...

ooh, these look so decadant and festive! yum - what a beautiful packaging as well.

thank you so much for the comment on my danish braid - your tooo kind! i really appreciate it.

Patricia Scarpin said...

Dear Gattina, you're so sweet!
I love baking and also preparing sweets, and I'm very glad people are enjoying my recipes!
You're more than invited to come to Brazil. ;D
I made the cake, too, can you believe it?

Haalo, your recipe is fantastic, how could I have gone wrong?
Have a wonderful Xmas, too!

Thank you Kristen! I love using tins for these things since they look nice and keep the food in a good way.

Lauren, there's no need to thank me - your braid looked beautiful and delicious! I want to make it sometime, maybe for New Year's Eve. I'll keep you posted.

I wish you all the best, my dear readers!

Stella said...

Hi Patricia!
thanks for your few words on my blog, I wish you a happy new year!
Your blog is great, your recipes are very interesting, I love your cherry truffles, I've never made them, coz I'm scared they don't turn out well!:)
Your chocotonnes are gorgeous, I'd do anything to eat one of them:)

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hi, Valentina!
There's no need to thank me, your blog is beautiful and I'll visit it again and again. :D
These truffles have a wonderful texture, the recipe is really good - delicious and good to work with. You should give it a try sometime. :D
Tks for the lovely comment! I'll bake some for you if you ever plan to visit Brazil. ;D

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