Monday, February 5, 2007

Ricotta and walnut ravioli

Ricotta and walnut ravioli

My dad loves pasta – I used to cook it for him twice a week, sometimes even more.
My husband is even crazier about it – he asks for spaghetti all the time! :)

One day, at home, I was showing him some of my favorite blogs and he saw Deb’s raviolis… Needless to say he started asking for homemade raviolis and only stopped yesterday, when I finally faced my fear and decided to make them.

I don’t have a pasta machine – I used only a rolling pin and my not so strong arms. Not a problem, since Deb’s recipe is a winner and if you follow her instructions and let the pasta “rest” for 1 hour it will be soft enough to be rolled out.

I added some spinach but I only got green “dots” – next time I’ll make it right in order to have green pasta.

Joao’s raviolis were filled with ground beef and mine with ricotta and nuts – the recipe that follows, which is enough to fill all the pasta.

This is a delicious recipe and I’m definitely making it again and again – Joao even said something about us buying a pasta machine… :)

Not in the mood for homemade pasta yet? Check Béa’s and Jeff’s raviolis and I bet you’ll change your mind.

Ricotta and walnut ravioli

210g all-purpose flour
2 large eggs
½ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons water

200g ricotta cheese
3 tablespoons olive oil
4 tablespoons chopped parsley
7 walnuts, halved
salt to taste

Mound flour on a work surface, preferably wooden, and make a well in center. Add eggs and salt. With a fork, gently beat eggs until combined. Gradually stir in enough flour to form a paste, pulling in flour closest to egg mixture and being careful not to make an opening in outer wall of well. Knead remaining flour into mixture with your hands to form a dough, adding the water (dough should be firm and not sticky). Knead dough until smooth and elastic, 8 to 10 minutes. Place it in a dish, cover with an inverted bowl and let stand 1 hour.

For the filling: Lightly toast the walnuts on a skillet over low heat. Place them on a clean kitchen towel until they cool down. Chop them.
Place the ricotta, salt, olive oil and parsley in a food processor and mix well. Add the walnuts and mix by hand.

On a lightly floured surface, place amounts of pasta and roll out with a rolling pin, making a rectangle.
Drop mounds of filling in a row down center of one half of sheet. Brush egg wash around each mound – I used water - then fold other half of sheet over filling. Press down firmly around each mound, forcing out air. (Air pockets increase the chance that ravioli will break during cooking.)
Cut pasta (between mounds) with cutter into 3-inch rounds – I didn’t have Deb’s fancy cutter so I used this gadget I use for my rolled fondant cakes.
Line a large shallow baking pan with baking paper then arrange ravioli in 1 layer in it:

Ricotta and walnut ravioli

Proceed with the remaining pasta/filling the same way.

Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add ravioli, carefully stirring to separate, and, adjusting heat to keep water at a gentle boil, cook until pasta is just tender, about 6 minutes. Transfer with a slotted spoon to a colander.
Serve at once with your favorite sauce.

Serves 2 - generously.


wheresmymind said...

Great minds think alike!! How cool are we making similar dishes?

Valentina said...

Pat, every time I look at the pictures of the filled ravioli waiting for their turn to be thrown into the pan I droll.They look absolutely delicious. I am terribly impressed with the process - rolling pin and arms.Very motivating.Thank you!!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I love the look of these hand-rolled ravioli -- very rustic! I'll bet they taste delicious, too.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Fresh pasta seems to be getting our attention a lot. I've been experimenting and ravioli is on my list.
I like the spinach specks! These look beautiful.

Stella said...

Wow, I'm impressed Patricia!
I'm way too lazy to make my own pasta, what a shame. I should follow your example;)
Your dish looks just delicious!

Lia said...

Patricia, I've always been curious about homemade pasta, but since I don't own a pasta machine either, I've never gotten around to doing it. Your post (and Bea's and Jeff's) all are very encouraging!!

Anonymous said...

I always cheat and use wonton wrappers for ravioli because I'm scared of homemade pasta. Those, however, look awesome!

Freya said...

Homemade Pasta is the best! It tastes yummy and has a lovely soft texture! These look so good!

Anonymous said...

I may just have to do this, Patricia, thanks to your inspiration. I don't have any of the pasta attachments either so I've strayed away from making any of the pasta. Now that I've seen yours, I really think that I can do it! Great job!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Hey, Jeff! It's really cool!
Your raviolis looked delicious, I should try that filling you used sometime.

Tina, my dear, when I took that photo I was praying for them not to burst in the water... lol
I'm not a strong person, so I think anyone can do it. :)

Lydia, they were huge, but my husband had many of them anyway. :)

Tanna, I agree with you - I've seen so many great posts on my favorite blogs, very inspirational recipes!

Valentina, tks!! You're very kind - and not lazy, since your dishes are always so fabulous!

Lia, the reason I had never tried making pasta was exactly that: I don't own a pasta machine. But I'm seriously thinking of buying one!

Shawnda, thank you!!

Freya, homemade fresh pasta is a whole different story, isn't it?
Thank you!

Kristen, you just have to think positive - not to mention how good it's to burn all those calories away while rolling the pasta!! :)

Unknown said...

I love pasta,prepare it for my family multiple times a week and am always looking for new recipes to try! This one sounds very good.I am definitely going to try it out!

Gattina Cheung said...

Pat, I really love your version!!! It gives me a flexiblity in sauces, be meaty or be vegetarian =) My husband told me that his grandpa used to make pasta in the old days, they all loved it! So I also got myself a pasta machine :D Your recipe is already on my list!

Anonymous said...

Super nice, I am so pleased to see that you made the jump! They look super yummy!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

What a lovely combination of flavors. I can't wait to make them!

And after a few more batches, your arms will be pumped!

Your pasta-machine-less friend in SoCal.

P.S. Thanks for the link. I've linked to yours as well because I love your culinary taste as well as your infectious enthusiasm! :)

Linda said...

wowie! this looks amazing. I have yet to make my own ravioli, pasta yes but not ravioli. this looks so amazing. i cant wait to try it! thank you for sharing. C for Cooking also posted a delicious ravioli dish recently --- maybe i can do both at once...

Patricia Scarpin said...

Elizabeth, tks for stopping by!
I hope your family enjoys this recipe!

Dear Gattina, homemade fresh pasta tastes wonderful! Your husband grew up eating great food, lucky him!
Let me know about your pasta machine, how it works, I want to buy one too!

Béa, tks for the comment, your raviolis really made up my mind!

Hi, Susan,
I had a laugh with your comment - I think I can wave goodbye without worrying about my arms look like jello! lol
I linked your blog because I love visiting it, and I'm glad you feel the same way about mine! Tks, dear!

Linda, this is totally vegetarian, so you can give it a go sometime.
Jeff and I posted on the same day, it was such a coincidence! Look at the first comment here, it's his. ;)

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! i just bought a ravioli press this weekend. I love walnut and ricotta cheese in ravioli,it has the best flavor!

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Walnuts with pasta is such a satisfying flavor and texture. Great work on the ravioli!

Kirsten said...

How delicious these look. I have been peeking at them for a few days since you posted them - they certainly have more soul than my store-bought wonton wrappers.

Maybe some day I'll get brave and try to make pasta.

Your pasta is lovely!!

Patricia Scarpin said...

So I guess I can expect marvelous raviolis coming out of your kitchen!

T.W., thank you! You're very kind.

Kirsten, thank you!
Don't say that - your raviolis were wonderful, too, and your cutter has been on my mind, gotta have one!
I'd use wontons, too, if they were easy to find where I live.

Anonymous said...

beuatiful! i think the green dots are much prettier than a green pasta. these look so pillowy and delicious. , yum!! my husband is hte same way, he loves pasta too :)

Unknown said...

I've had a pasta maker for five years, but have never had the time to learn to use it.

This might just motivate me.

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