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Pandoro with peach jam

Pandoro with peach jam / Pandoro com geléia de pêssego

I’ve been trying, for a while now, to cook and bake using seasonal ingredients – influenced by my good friend Ana Elisa – and for that reason this recipe was kept on my messy files for almost a year. Finally the peaches are in season and I could make it – this jam is so delicious it was worth waiting that long for it.

The pandoro itself is not very sweet, therefore perfect to be eaten with the luscious jam – add a bit more sugar to the dough if you have a sweet tooth.

Pandoro with peach jam
from Australian Gourmet Traveller

½ cup (120ml) lukewarm whole milk
28g dry yeast (4 sachets)
2/3 cup (66g) caster (superfine) sugar, plus extra for glazing
4 1/3 cups (605g) all purpose flour
pinch of salt
¾ cup + 1 tablespoon (183g) unsalted butter, softened
2 egg yolks
¾ cup (180ml) heavy cream
1 egg yolk, mixed with 1 tablespoon of cream, for egg wash

Peach jam:
6 yellow peaches, ripe yet firm
½ cup (100g) caster (superfine) sugar

Combine milk, yeast and 1 tablespoon of the sugar in a bowl. Set aside until foamy (5-10 minutes). Sift in 50g of the flour, mix and stand until foamy (5-10 minutes). Place the remaining flour and salt in the large bowl of a stand mixer. Add butter and remaining sugar and, with the paddle attachment, beat until creamy. Change attachment to a dough hook, add yeast mixture, egg yolks and cream and beat until a smooth and elastic dough forms (10-12 minutes). Transfer dough to a lightly buttered bowl, cover with plastic wrap and stand in a warm place until doubled in size (1-2 hours).
Meanwhile, make the peach jam: cut an X at the bottom of each peach and lower them in a pot of boiling water for about 20 seconds. Using a slotted spoon, transfer the peaches to a colander and refresh with cold water – the peels will slip right off. Halve the peaches, remove the stone, then coarsely chop flesh, place in a saucepan with the sugar and cook over medium-high heat, stirring occasionally, until jam consistency is reached and volume has reduced to 375ml (20-30 minutes). Set aside to cool.
Preheat the oven to 200°C/392°F. Knock back dough and roll out to a 65cm (26in) long log shape. Twist log, bring ends together and knot to seal. Transfer to a foil-lined baking sheet, bake for 15 minutes, then reduce heat to 170°C/338°F. Brush cake with the egg wash, scatter with the extra caster sugar and bake until cooked through and golden (30-35 minutes).
Serve cake warm with the peach jam.

Serves 10


My Little Expat Kitchen said...

I've never heard of this cake before. Intriguing, I have to try it. I wish it was peach season here. You've made me dream of summer.

Priya Suresh said...

Yumm; such an elegant and irresistible pandoro..

Patty said...

Lovely as always P!

Abby said...

I've never heard of pandoro before, either, but I NEED it. That looks like a wonderful snack with tea!

Rachel said...

I admire your dedication to seasonal ingredients. I wish peaches were in season for me!
I've never had pandoro but it looks like something I need to try!

Tulipano Nero said...

Hi I'm new and I really like your blog and your recipe. They're soooo delicious!! However there's a thing I want to point out: that's not really a Pandoro! Pandoro it's a typical italian sweet baked for Christmas! And there's definitly not cream in it, maybe milk, it's shaped in a typical sort of conic starish form, it's really soft and it requires ours of leavening! Trust me I ate that not long ago!

BANANANA said...

I have to agree with Tulipano, there. Pandoro is like... vanilla flavored bread cake stuff. Fluffy and conical. That being said, this looks fantastic, and I can't wait until Fredericksburg peaches are in season back home in Texas. If you can get ahold of some of those, you should try them.

Quay Po Cooks said...

Never head of Pandoro but it sure looks delicious. How can it now, there peaches in there! Nice snaps!

tiina { sparkling ink } said...

Oh, so rustic and inviting. I love the fresh ideas I always find from your blog - usually complete new to me recipes. Hope your new year has been great so far! Hugs!

ChichaJo said...

I would love me some peach jam! Unfortunately there is no season for them here as they don't grow them locally. They are imported and a far cry from one grown fresh. I dream of how your jam tastes like!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Magda, this bread goes well with any kind of jam! :)
Thank you!

Priya, thank you, sweetie!

Patty, thank you, dearie!

Abby, I am sure yours will look amazing!

Rachel, I have been trying, but I confess I miss some fruits when they are not in season. :)
Thank you!

Tulipano Nero, thank you for your comment - this is one version of the Italian bread, we have pandoro here in Brazil and I know what it is, the shape and so on.

Nia, thank you for your comment - this is one version of the Italian bread, we have pandoro here in Brazil and I know what it is, the shape and so on.

Quay Po Cooks, thank you!

Tiina, my dear, thank you! These first days have been good, thank you for asking! I hope you're fine, too!

Joey, we have imported ones here as well, but they are good (and inexpensive) only during summer. :)
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i have never had a pandoro before, but this looks and sounds delicious!

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